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Treatments and Prices

​Nail Care ServiceClassic Manicure                                $14

Manicure                                             $14


Spa Manicure                                     $19
Treat your hand with gentle exfoliating hand treatment, warm towel and hand massage


Deluxe Spa Manicure                         $25
Treat your hand with sea salt or fruit sugar scrub, exfoliating hand treatment, warm towel, Masque treatment and relaxing hand massage​


Classic Pedicure                                 $24

Spa Pedicure                                      $29
Treat your feet with gentle exfoliation, warm towel treatment and massage.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure                          $35
Treat your feet with sea salt or fruit sugar scrub, worm towel, masque treatment and relaxing feet massage.​

Nail Extensions


Nail Extensions         Full-set      Fill

Full set acrylic                    $30           $20

Full set gel                          $35           $20
Full set&white tip                $35           $20
Full set take off                   $32


Addition Charge:

French Tips                                         $5

Polish Change                                     $10
Buff shine                                            $5
Removal                                              $10
Art Design                                           $5-15







Eyebrow                                       $10

Upper Lips                                   $7
Brows & Upper Lips                     $15
Cheeks                                         $10
Chin                                              $10
Neck                                             $8
Chin & Neck                                 $15
Complete Face                            $30
Under Arms                                 $15
Half Arms                                     $25&up
Full Arms                                      $35&up
Half Legs                                     $30&up
Full Legs                                      $50&up
Bikini                                            $25&up
Brazilian                                       $45&up

Full Back                                      $40&up

Full Chest                                     $40&up


​Massage Service   


Reflexology                                                  A foot massage applies pressure,stretchin and movement to the feet corresponding parts of the body.Foot reflexology can 

break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body by applying these techniques on feet to balance 



      15 mins                                $20     

      30 mins                                $38

Swedish Massage                           

 A full body European classic, this relaxing Swedish Massage works on the muscles and key meridian lines with light to medium pressure to eliminate toxins and reduce tension to body balance.                               

      30 mins                                $45

      60 mins                                $75

      90 mins                                $120


Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage for often most stressed area of the body.

      30 mins                                 $50

      60 mins                                 $80 



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Facial Service


Facial (30 mins)                           $45
     A pore cleansing that includes a skin   evaluation, thorough steam cleansing, gentle exfoliation, therapeutic, massage.The final moisturizing leave skin healthy.      

Deep Cleansing Facial          $75             

  A deep pore-cleansing treatment that includes a skin evaluation, thorough steam cleansing,gentle,exfoliation,extractions, therapeutic,massage and customized mask,

The final moisturizing & facial massage leaves skin feeling amazingly healthy.


Hydrating Paraffin Treatment

   Moisturizers the skin, helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles, Soften hardened skin,Increases the skin's elasticity.


       Hand/Feet                                $7/$10


Hot Stone Therapy
   Used to gently massage pressure points along the top and bottom of your feet, helping to case stress and tension in the entire body.


            30 mins                               $55

            60 mins                               $95 


Shellac/Soak-off Gel Manicure       $32
    A manicure treatment promises smudges proof nail color that lasts up to2 weeks with durable shine that resists chips and scratchs.It’s go on beautifull,dries immedietly and  removes with no dammage


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